Fall 2014 Maggie Jackson Temple Rome

I couldn’t imagine a better two weeks.

After two weeks in the program, I can honestly say that I feel like an entirely new person. The friends I have made seem like they have been in my life forever. Walking around the city no longer makes me anxious or concerned for fear of getting lost. Somehow, school-run events and activities captivate my attention for the first time. My roommates already know so much about me—at times we stop everything just to talk about the phenomenon that is the Temple Rome experience.

After these past two weeks of adventuring, cooking, site-seeing, dressing up, and creating new friendships it would be SIMPLE to accurately describe the Temple Rome life as perfect. Let’s hope I still feel this way once classes really begin.


First meal in Rome (Eggplant Parm–the local ristorante‘s specialty)


The new crew of friends hanging out by the Tiber River, and climbing on statues (met on the first day)


First View of the Bridge next to Temple Rome


Right by the Borghese Gardens, on the Temple-run walking Tour of Roma.


Another day, another group of new friends (casually hanging out by the Piazza del Popolo)


Day Trip to Sperlonga Beach. There is no limit to where we can adventure off to.

10641176_10203793695896722_4157831708546487484_n IMG_5496 IMG_5588 IMG_5642

Another Temple Run program, ROME SCAVENGER HUNT! (Even if we came in seventh, we still had fun)

Can’t wait to see what the rest of the semester will bring!

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