Laura Detter Summer 2013 Temple Rome

Not all who wonder are lost

It was Monday, our first day of classes, my friends had just finished their Italian class and we had all enjoyed a slice of Italian pizza, and then the question came up, “Well, what should we do?” We had not seen a lot of the city and our list of sights to see was immense, but how do we even decide where to begin? The answer, we had no clue where to even begin. We strolled (because that is what Italians do, they don’t walk) over to The Trevi Fountain, but from there we just explored.


Here is how our exploring went:

“Oh, this street looks really pretty. Let’s go this way!”

*Walk a block*

“A lot of people look like they are walking up this hill. Let’s go this way!”

*Walk a few blocks*

“There looks like there are a lot shops on this street. We should go this way!”

*Walk a block*

“Does anyone know where we are…?”

…No one has clue.

We soon walked into a park that had a cinema, a playground for little kids, and a beautiful landscape. We strolled a little further and came across a bike rental booth and the four of us figured, “Why the heck not?”


We rented a four person bike for an hour and off we went. At first, peddling and steering the bike was entertaining enough, but once we got it down we were free to explore. We peddled past fountains and people picnicking in the park and then we came across this…


It was at this moment that we all said, “Oh my gosh, we are in the Borghese Gardens!!!” We had visiting the gardens on our Italian Bucket List, but stumbling on to this breathtaking view, was breathtaking in itself.


Yes, that is The Vatican on the horizon! Discovering the Borghese Gardens by accident was just my first experience with exploring Rome by wondering. There is something to be said about getting lost (with a group of people or course, Hi Mom and Dad!) and exploring off the beaten path. Here’s another example!

It was Tuesday night, and a group of us decided to try the Ice Bar located in Rome. The bar was a very different experience! At -5 degrees Celsius (23 degrees Fahrenheit), the entire bar from the walls to the sitting areas were coated in ice and our drinks were even served in cups made of ice.



However, we could only last so long in this ice box, before we were on the brink of freezing. We left the bar and started walking towards a main street and when we turned the corner there was the Coliseum lite up against the dark night sky!!


This was the first time any of us had seen the Coliseum and we did not even have to battle large tourist crowds to get a clear sight. After we had a mini photo shoot, we headed back to the residence and called it a night. The next day, I added visiting all the major ruins and monuments at night when they are glowing in the night sky and the crowds are minimal to my Italian Bucket List.


One comment

  1. Hi Laura!
    My fourth grade reading class and I just got done reading your latest blog! What a cool experience you must be having. It looks fantabulous (their word not mine). We hope you have a great time exploring. Next time, invite us too….

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